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Important Differences in Myoma and Ovarian Cysts to Know

Myoma and ovarian cysts are two types of benign tumors in the female reproductive organs, which are different but often considered the same. Understanding the differences in myoma and ovarian cysts can help you recognize the symptoms and avoid dangerous risks. The difference between myoma and ovarian cyst is most easily recognized from the shape and location. Myoma is a benign growth of cells from the muscles of the uterine wall. Meanwhile, ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop in the ovaries or ovaries. Ovarian cysts can grow in the left, right, or both ovaries. Differences in Myoma and Ovarian Cyst Based on the Cause The exact cause of the emergence of myoma is still a question mark. But there are several factors that can trigger growth, including: Genetic If your grandmother, mother, or sibling has had myoma, you also have the potential to have myoma. Hormone The hormones estrogen and progesterone produced in the ovary can trigger myoma growth. Age of f
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Various Causes of Jaw Pain and How to Overcome It

Jaw pain can make your activities less comfortable, because it makes it difficult to talk or difficult to eat. Jaw pain can be caused by various things, for example because of an ear, tooth, or sinus that is sick. Another possibility is interference with the jaw itself which is the cause of pain. Jaw pain is a common complaint, and almost everyone has experienced it. The causes can vary, ranging from mild to severe. Causes of Jaw Pain Here are some common causes of jaw pain: Temporomandibular joint disorder The jaw joint controls the movement of the upper jaw to the lower jaw. This type of jaw pain can be triggered by the habit of pressing the jaw when you are feeling anxious or stressed, inflammation of the jaw joints, injury to the jaw joints or muscles, or the habit of moving the jaw during sleep. Tooth ache Pain in the teeth can spread to the jaw, thereby also causing jaw pain. Causes of tooth pain such as infections that cause dental abscesses. Sinus infection Sinus

Normality of swollen and reddish skin after immunization

After being immunized, it is not uncommon for the injected area to appear swollen and reddish. Before Mother is suspicious of being overly panicked, first look at whether the situation is normal or needs further examination. Generally immunization will not bring harmful side effects for the recipient. The pain that is felt when injected is usually mild and can subside by itself. Side Effects of Immunization In addition to pain when injected, the effects after immunization can also occur in the form of mild fever, headaches, feeling tired, muscle and joint pain. Swelling and redness are also common side effects. This condition is known as a follow-up event after immunization (KIPI). Swollen and reddish skin is one sign that the body is starting to form immunity against disease. This inflammation can appear several hours after immunization and subside by itself in one week. That need to be aware of is the side effects of immunization in the form of anaphylactic allergic reactions

Getting to Know More About Babies with Trisomy 13

Viral stories on social media about babies with chromosomal abnormality trisomy 13, provoked a lot of curiosity from the public. Starting from the cause, to the reasons for this condition can cause the baby difficult to survive. Trisomy means the baby has an excess of chromosomes, which normally only amount to a pair. In trisomy, there are 3 specific chromosomes in the gene. Babies with trisomy 13, also known as Patau Syndrome, have three chromosomes number 13. Conditions that are generally not inherited from this family can occur in 1 in 10,000 babies born. Trisomy 13 is caused by disorders that occur during the process of fetal formation. In addition to trisomy 13, there are also other conditions of trisomy such as trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome which also causes growth and development problems for infants, and trisomy 21 which is better known as Down Syndrome. Recognizing the Characteristics and Conditions of Trisomy 13 Abnormalities caused by trisomy 13 can range from impair

Stockpiling Often, The Cause May Be More Serious Than You Estimated

Be careful if your house or your room, looks crowded with heaps of goods that are irregular and rarely used. More than just bad habits, hoarding too much stuff can be a sign of serious psychiatric disorder or disorder you know! The stockpiled items can range from newspapers, books, food, memories, clothing, shopping receipts, household items, plastic bags, plants and animals, to used goods that are dirty and damaged. So many, piles of these items can no longer be arranged in an orderly manner. Hoarders generally consider these objects to be historic, have sentimental value, will be useful later on, or too dear to throw away. Watch for Symptoms Hoarders of goods, different from the collector of goods that are able to properly care and organize the collection of goods, which generally do have value or usefulness. While goods that are hoarded by a hoarder are often not maintained and can create limited space, even causing health problems. Heap of goods at home can endanger the inha